How Much Is That…

New Orleans Street Photography: That doggie in the window is super valuable. What a cutie. She’s happy, too. She has a great view of the French Quarter and all the interesting people passing by… and a warm, sunny place to nap. With love, ~Page Light Studios  

Princess Fluffers And Her Royal Guard Dog

Chicago Street Photography: I am endlessly amused by surprises in street photography… I didn’t notice the watchful guard dog in the background until I uploaded the photo into Lightroom. Princess Fluffers was safe and protected on this day! With love, ~Page Light Studios

Dog On Throne

For no good reason, I present to you a heavily cropped, processed and posterized snapshot of a ‘sturdy’ Pug mix dog sitting on steps like on a throne, with his silly little leg hanging off. Hope you’re getting to enjoy the nice weather this weekend just like he is. With love, ~Page Light Studios  Continue reading “Dog On Throne”