Sitting On Top Of The World

Paris Street Photography: If you visit the Belleville neighborhood in the north part of Paris and make the long trek to the top of the hill in Parc des Buttes Chaumont, and if you climb up to this rock, you can see the whole city. It’s pretty cool. With love, ~Page Light Studios  

Kiss Me Hello

Paris Street Photography: I love the traditional French hello kiss, called, “La Bise.” These stylish young people look very cool doing it as they meet and greet in the beautiful Parc des Buttes Chaumont, in the Belleville neighborhood, on a warm spring afternoon. With love, Page Light Studios  

Zen On The Canal

Paris Street Photography: There’s a sweet, quiet place in the north part of Paris, east of Montmartre, north of Marais. Canal St. Martin is three miles long and beautifully peaceful. See how Zen this young woman seems? That’s what it’s like there. With love, ~Page Light Studios  

The Eye of Saint-Germain Des Pres

Paris Street Photography: The sidewalk posts in the charming Saint-Germain Des Pres neighborhood are painted with funky-looking eyes. It’s part Big Brother, part Twilight Zone, part whimsy. They make me laugh every time I see one. With love, ~Page Light Studios  

Jackson Square In Winter

New Orleans Street Photography: The weather’s lovely in New Orleans year ’round. Here’s a photo of people riding a horse drawn carriage outdoors in January. That’s January, y’all. I love those gray clouds behind the St. Louis Cathedral. With love, ~Page Light Studios  

Mighty Peaceful

New Orleans Street Photography: I have always loved the Mighty Mississippi River because of its place in the making of America. Every trip to New Orleans, for me, must include a walk along it. I loved capturing this peaceful moment on a rainy day, with birds resting on the water and a street lamp waitingContinue reading “Mighty Peaceful”

Adventure Photojournalist

New Orleans Street Photography: This woman is probably a mere tourist, but in this shot where she’s risking life and limb (kind of) on the tracks as a train approaches, I like to imagine her as a world famous traveling photojournalist. Maybe it’s because I wish that’s what I was. With love, ~Page Light StudiosContinue reading “Adventure Photojournalist”

New York City And The Desert

Las Vegas Street Photography: When I visited Las Vegas as a young’un, there was a buzz in the air about this cool new Hotel being built, the NYNY. I have always loved Vegas and New York City, so a combo of the two piqued my interest in a big way. Now? It’s reality, y’all. AndContinue reading “New York City And The Desert”

How Much Is That…

New Orleans Street Photography: That doggie in the window is super valuable. What a cutie. She’s happy, too. She has a great view of the French Quarter and all the interesting people passing by… and a warm, sunny place to nap. With love, ~Page Light Studios  

The Steps

Barcelona Street Photography: Beautiful young woman poses for a photo on the steps of the ancient building that’s part of MUHBA (The Museum of the History of Barcelona). This plaza is perfect for photos, because of all the stone and historically interesting architecture. It’s got a peaceful atmosphere, too, which I hope this photo canContinue reading “The Steps”

Hello From The Cloister

Barcelona Street Photography: Geese have lived in the cloister of the Cathedral of Barcelona “for as long as anyone can remember.” I know I took photos of them when I first visited this magical city in 2005. They are still there! And still adorable and friendly. Beautiful, silly geese. With love, ~Page Light Studios  Continue reading “Hello From The Cloister”

El Ghat (The Cat)

Barcelona Street Photography: It’s a giant cat, y’all. Fernando Botero created this amazing sculpture (El Ghat) in Barcelona’s gritty El Raval neighborhood. Botero must revere cats very much to manifest them so majestically. I especially like this one’s defiant chin.   With love, ~Page Light Studios    

Dancer In The Park

Barcelona Street Photography: One day earlier, Barcelona’s Park Ciutadella was filled with protesters, but on this day, it’s peaceful. I like the contrast of the woman’s ‘dancer’ stance with the flowing curves of the fountain. With love, ~Page Light Studios    

White Sangria

Barcelona Street Photography: It’s very cold in Chicago today, so here’s a sunny picture to remind you of the warmth of the sun. Only a week and a half ago, I drank this jar of Sangria while sitting in a bar on the beach in Barcelona. (In Barceloneta.) It was a good day, y’all. Cheers.Continue reading “White Sangria”

Fluffy European

Barcelona Street Photography: No offense to anyone, but I think the wildly fluffy dog in this photo stands out above the rest for cool style and attitude. I’m just sayin’. With love, ~Page Light Studios    

Viva La…

Barcelona Street Photography: I felt eternally lucky to capture this amazing girl waving a Spanish flag while sitting on her father’s shoulders in Barcelona a few weeks ago. She’s cheering for her cause amidst hundreds of thousands of others, but she stood out to me immediately. With love, ~Page Light Studios  


Chicago Street Photography: It didn’t take much to get this Very Good dog to sit still off leash while her owner took a photo. I, personally, have never had a dog who would stay like that in a public space. Very Good dog indeed. With love, ~Page Light Studios