Jackson Square In Winter

New Orleans Street Photography: The weather’s lovely in New Orleans year ’round. Here’s a photo of people riding a horse drawn carriage outdoors in January. That’s January, y’all. I love those gray clouds behind the St. Louis Cathedral. With love, ~Page Light Studios  

Mighty Peaceful

New Orleans Street Photography: I have always loved the Mighty Mississippi River because of its place in the making of America. Every trip to New Orleans, for me, must include a walk along it. I loved capturing this peaceful moment on a rainy day, with birds resting on the water and a street lamp waitingContinue reading “Mighty Peaceful”

Adventure Photojournalist

New Orleans Street Photography: This woman is probably a mere tourist, but in this shot where she’s risking life and limb (kind of) on the tracks as a train approaches, I like to imagine her as a world famous traveling photojournalist. Maybe it’s because I wish that’s what I was. With love, ~Page Light StudiosContinue reading “Adventure Photojournalist”

How Much Is That…

New Orleans Street Photography: That doggie in the window is super valuable. What a cutie. She’s happy, too. She has a great view of the French Quarter and all the interesting people passing by… and a warm, sunny place to nap. With love, ~Page Light Studios  

Mardi Gras Bunny

My mind is in New Orleans, because I’m putting together travel posts about it. Meanwhile, here’s an unfiltered photo of a woman in a bunny costume, posing on Frenchman Street, just before the Krewe de Vieux parade is to begin, the first parade of Mardi Gras, 2017. Oh, NOLA, I can’t wait to come back.Continue reading “Mardi Gras Bunny”