Chicago Street Photography: It didn’t take much to get this Very Good dog to sit still off leash while her owner took a photo. I, personally, have never had a dog who would stay like that in a public space. Very Good dog indeed. With love, ~Page Light Studios  

Imitation Is Fun

Chicago Street Photography: See, Chicago is a fun, happy place, evidenced by these two young women smiling in the sunlight as they imitate the mysterious new statue that appeared downtown last year, of Abraham Lincoln explaining something to a random thirty-foot-tall dude. Confused? So is the rest of the city. But everyone is having fun.Continue reading “Imitation Is Fun”

The Wedding

Chicago Street Photography: This is a cool and common scene in the city in summer – Brides and grooms and wedding parties standing on the iconic red bridges downtown to pose for photos. I bet the close up professional shots are stunning. With love, ~Page Light Studios  

Friends At The Pavilion

Chicago Street Photography: I had to react quickly to get this photo of a group of women meeting up in Ping Tom Memorial Park in Chicago’s awesome Chinatown. I love their colorful dresses and the cool Asian architecture of the pavilion. With love, ~Page Light Studios    

Daisies And Skyscrapers

Chicago Street Photography: It’s true, I am posting yet another flower photo. But I couldn’t help it; I think daisies are the most beautiful flower, and these were perfectly situated in front of the Chicago skyline. With love, ~Page Light Studios    

Princess Fluffers And Her Royal Guard Dog

Chicago Street Photography: I am endlessly amused by surprises in street photography… I didn’t notice the watchful guard dog in the background until I uploaded the photo into Lightroom. Princess Fluffers was safe and protected on this day! With love, ~Page Light Studios


This photo, taken downtown Chicago, earned me my first, “Ma’am, you aren’t allowed to take photos here,” encounter. It was nice to feel like a real photographer for a moment, and then I agreed to stop immediately, of course. Glad I got this shot first! With love, ~Page Light Studios  

First Impressions

I will never forget the first time I crossed into the Loop, downtown Chicago, on an ‘El’ train (the Brown Line). There’s this moment when you can see the Chicago River, several giant bridges, and all the skyscrapers in the distance. I will always be trying to capture that moment again. With love, ~Page LightContinue reading “First Impressions”