Late Night

For this traveler, this photo shows exactly what it felt like to be out, late night, in Manhattan. Darkness with bright lights. Interesting and inviting dive bars. Stylish people. I loved it. With love, ~Page Light Studios  


I feel this cat is perfection, with his perked ears, calm expression, and eyes set on the photographer, posing with both aloofness and contentment like a super model. His lovely orange reflection on the hardwood floor beautifully contrasts the beige wall behind. His hind legs show the genuine relaxation in his repose. I present himContinue reading “Perfection”


This photo, taken downtown Chicago, earned me my first, “Ma’am, you aren’t allowed to take photos here,” encounter. It was nice to feel like a real photographer for a moment, and then I agreed to stop immediately, of course. Glad I got this shot first! With love, ~Page Light Studios  

Dog On Throne

For no good reason, I present to you a heavily cropped, processed and posterized snapshot of a ‘sturdy’ Pug mix dog sitting on steps like on a throne, with his silly little leg hanging off. Hope you’re getting to enjoy the nice weather this weekend just like he is. With love, ~Page Light Studios  Continue reading “Dog On Throne”

City of Contrast

New York City is as diverse and broadly complex as any in the world. These two photos show barely any of that complexity, but they do give the smallest glimpse into the differences between two neighborhoods. The first shows an elegant woman on the roof of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, in the Upper EastContinue reading “City of Contrast”

Blurred Lights, Big City

Late night. Back seat of a cab. New York City. (Well, technically, Astoria, Queens.) Blurred lights of the big city ahead, with the driver in focus. This moment made me think of all the times I’ve been isolated but totally on my own in life. Being on my own is awesome.   With love, ~PageContinue reading “Blurred Lights, Big City”

Blurry Times

*Someone* has become a little obsessed with blurring shots lately. This one resulted in such bright, lovely colors, I can’t stop staring at it. The world is a beautiful place. I’m sure you can tell where I shot it: Times Square, New York City, of course.   With love, ~Page Light Studios

First Impressions

I will never forget the first time I crossed into the Loop, downtown Chicago, on an ‘El’ train (the Brown Line). There’s this moment when you can see the Chicago River, several giant bridges, and all the skyscrapers in the distance. I will always be trying to capture that moment again. With love, ~Page LightContinue reading “First Impressions”