Things to do in New Orleans – My Favorite Restaurants in the French Quarter

Things to do in New Orleans: What are your favorite Restaurants In The French Quarter, based on quality of food and cool atmosphere? These are mine.


I will always go back to Coop’s any time I visit New Orleans. Locals recommended it the first time I visited, and I fell in love with the great authentic vibe and spicy, delicious food. They serve traditional cajun fare. It’s on Decatur, across from the French Market, and a great place for lunch if you’re wandering the Quarter.

Napoleon House

Napoleon House has a fascinating history, including being built for–but never used by–the famous Napoleon Bonaparte, and it was the home of a New Orleans’ mayor. But go for the food; the mufalletta is outstanding, as are the hummus and the cocktails. (You may want to have a cocktail at lunch while visiting New Orleans. I’m just saying’.) The decor is lovely, too, with worn and graffiti’d walls and a beautiful bar.

Clover Grill

My travel companion and I did not always pursue healthy eating habits during our trip. See below for French fries and buttery, cheesy grits. Completely inappropriate, right? But Clover Grill is a tradition in NOLA, open since 1939. The southern diner atmosphere is great, and the grits were, no lie, some of the best I’ve ever eaten. The patrons are friendly, too, which is not surprising, considering most everyone hanging out in New Orleans is in a good mood. Turns out we were seated next to someone who also lived in Chicago. Small world!

Johnny’s Po Boys

Things will get messy here. You order in a narrow line and wait for a seat at a table with a red checkered tablecloth. You’ll sit with several other people. The shrimp Po’ Boys is to die for. Don’t scrimp on the napkins.

Cafe Soule

This French-themed restaurant is full of history and great cuisine. I may have returned several times for a lunchtime crepe. There’s a great patio and some tables by big open French doors. It’s right on a beautiful street, so you can people-watch as well. And psst… the wine is good, too. A lovely, relaxing place to enjoy a meal.

Envie Cafe

You guys. They make a King Cake Latte here. ‘Nuff said. But if I were to say more, I’d let you know dogs frequent this adorable cafe and that it’s perfectly located in a corner of the Quarter that overlooks the Old U.S. Mint. It’s also close to Frenchman Street and my favorite neighborhood, Marigny. Notice the gargoyle dragon guarding the tip jar. He’s pretty cool.



If you visit any of these places, comment and let me know what you think! And if you’re curious for more, see my other posts on New Orleans.

With love,

~Page Light Studios



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