Things to do in Paris – An Evening in Montmartre and Pigalle

Surely, if you visit Paris, you will spend a good amount of time in Montmartre. (You must!) If you happen to be there in the evening, here are a few places I promise are fantastic.

La Guepe

You get the feeling they want you there. Outside, a funny chalk graffiti sketch beckons you inside, lovingly mocking the many tourist attractions nearby. Once inside, you’ll find a beautiful tile bar, reasonably-priced alcohol (including excellent wine), friendly bar staff, and interesting patrons. I caught a photo of these adorable kids ‘not-eating’ a scone.

After a good drink, when I walked outside, Montmartre was dusky and colorful. The night was beginning…


I can’t recommend highly enough this Peruvian restaurant. The food was original and exceptional. (Living in Chicago, I’ve tasted good Peruvian food, and I’m telling ya, this was extraordinary.) The decor was lovely and made me feel transported to an exotic destination. Get the beans.


Go to the center fountain. Plant yourself. Watch the people walk past. Wander a little south to the intersection of Rue Pierre Fontaine and Rue John Baptiste Pigalle, and snap photos of the young people waiting to get into the legendary nightclub, Le Bus Palladium. Soak up the atmosphere of Paris’ grittiest neighborhood.

Le Sans Souci

This was my final stop of the trip and definitely one of my favorites. The name loosely translates to, “No worries,” and I sought it out when I heard young philosophers had been patronizing it for many years as a place to ‘drink and think.’ My vacation ended with a passionate discussion on city culture, comparing cities we’d visited and what we’d learned in each. My conclusion: Paris is and has always been a center of culture in the world. And I must return.

If you visit any of these places, comment and let me know what you think! And if you’re curious for more, see my other posts on Paris.

With love,

~Page Light Studios

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