Things to do in Paris – An Evening in Faubourg-Saint-Denis

The Faubourg-Saint-Denis neighborhood is so, so cool. As you can see from the photos, it has a dark, ‘back alley’ feel. This particular stretch is back-to-back bars and restaurants, and it was crowded with what seemed to be mostly locals the night I visited. I had a great time bar hopping.

What are some of my favorite hangouts in the area? Well. I’m glad you asked.

Le Mauri 7

This is what I’d call a ‘good time bar.’ It’s busy and easy. The lighting is fun–neon and colorful–and there are a lot of people inside having a good time. Many patrons smiled at us. A couple of them struck up quick conversations with me. The music was loud and mostly American 80’s Rock. A few people danced. Some were telling dramatic stories, and some were sitting at the bar people-watching. I highly recommend.

The exterior of Le Mauri 7, a bar in Faubourg-Saint-Denis.


This gorgeous, brick, garden-level gourmet restaurant (with reasonable prices!) makes the most interesting pizza I’ve ever encountered. The crust was buttery and soft and the pizza delicious. Everything is served with chili-pepper-infused olive oil for drizzling. There’s great music playing, too, and friendly staff. This was one of the best meals of my trip.

Bar Op’ti

This welcoming bar is tucked into a little alley just off the main street. Inside, Op’ti is a little quieter than other bars in the area, but there’s great service and a cozy atmosphere. Very important note: My travel companion had been noting the shocking lack of limes (for Gin and Tonics) all over Paris–perhaps because of difficulties importing them?–but here at Bar Op’ti, limes were given freely. So generous.



Monsieur Baba

The outside of this bar is bright and lively, and it beckoned me inside. It’s a fun and colorful place with great music playing. There’s a Spanish theme… and free tapas! It reminded me of one of my favorite Chicago hangouts, Cafe Babareeba. My travel companion is smiling in the snapshot below because she truly loved this bar. Highly recommended.


Other bars I liked in the area include Chez Jeannette and Le Sully. There are plenty of other places to grab dinner as well.

If you visit any of these places, comment and let me know what you think! And if you’re curious for more, see my other posts on Paris.

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