Things to do in Paris – An Evening in Le Marais

I spent one great evening exploring he nightlife in Paris’ Marais neighborhood. Here are a few places I loved.

Le Mazet

There’s history behind this bar! This is, reportedly, the last place Jim Morrison was seen alive. As of 2016, it was a super cool sporty, happy, friendly, American-style bar in the Le Marais neighborhood of Paris. There’s also a British telephone booth displayed at the front. The wine pour was generous, and the bartenders were friendly. I felt ultimately welcomed and comfortable. I suspect it’s different now than back when Morrison used to frequent.

My travel companion toasting the coolness of this Marais bar.

Cafe Procope

Preface: I didn’t patronize this cafe! But I researched it and wanted to have a drink there. It’s… well, it’s expensive and fancy these days. But there’s significant history behind it. I caught this shot of the street outside; it’s very old school Paris. If you have dinner at Procope, please comment and let me know about your experience!

The street outside Cafe Procope. Old and beautiful.

Le Bar Dix

OkayDeepBreathForRealz. This bar is so cool. It’s divey, local, dark, has great music, is friendly, is quiet, makes you feel left-alone and in control, and is potentially the coolest dive bar in Paris. Go. Order a cheap alcoholic beverage. Imagine yourself a local. Feel very cool. Enjoy.

The interior of Le Bar Dix.

Au Petit Fer a Cheval

Talk about history?! This bar opened in… 1903. (!) Yep. 1903. There are chandeliers and locals. Friendly service. Great wine. It wasn’t even particularly crowded the evening I visited.

The name means little horseshoe, based on the shape of the bar. It’s a secret gem. Maybe you don’t tell anyone else about it? Okay, thanks.



Dear god, the food. It’s amazing. And then… there’s a speakeasy in the back! Imagine walking into a hole-in-the-wall restaurant, where the only seating is a bar, and thinking, “wow, small place but strikingly delicious cuisine.” You receive unbelievably tasty gourmet Mexican tapas… and then you hear there’s a speakeasy bar in the basement beyond the doors that look like kitchen doors? Yes, it’s like that.

The speakeasy is part grotto, part grunge, part what-the-heck?! It’s quiet and cozy. Take someone you’re in love with. Make out.

This restaurant and the accompanying bar were not crowded the night I went. It was a glorious moment of what I think must be a common ‘locals’ experience. Go. Order steak tacos and a margarita. Step down into the speakeasy and have a beer and what is guaranteed to be interesting conversation. And be very, very proud of yourself.

L’Imprevu Cafe

Straight up, I was a bit tipsy while visiting this bar. There were signs everywhere about pick pocketers, which made me think it was a place enough tourists had visited to be noticeable. All I remember is bright colors, cool music, literary/beautifully-pretentious clientele, and a feeling of being welcomed.

Black Dog

Rock ‘n’ Roll! This is a self-proclaimed Rock ‘n’ Roll bar, and it lives up to its moniker. It has a cave-like feel, with grungy stone walls and a gorgeously stylish clientele; they wore black, leather, chains, and piercings. The drinks were relatively inexpensive, and the music was American Rock. You can see the clientele in the outside photo: super interesting and cool.


So. Visit Le Marais at night, okay? You will thank me.

If you visit any of these places, comment and let me know what you think! And if you’re curious for more, see my other posts on Paris.

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