Things to do in Inman, South Carolina

Inman may not seem like a typical PageLightStudios destination, but there’s quite a lot to do there. It’s authentic small town (Population 2300!), Southern America, historically home to farmers and mill workers. And… way more interesting than Wikipedia indicates.

The most obvious reason to visit? Great weather. Even in late November, the temperature stayed above 60 the whole time. It’s mild in summer as well, being nestled in scenic foothills.


Lake Bowen

Lake Bowen is the main attraction. I took an evening boat ride with Doggie and snapped plenty of photos. Note, the wind transformed Doggie into Dumbo.

There are plenty of other things to do at Lake Bowen: jet ski, water ski, swim, tube, and ‘lay out’ in the sun. Find a grassy spot and read a book. Go fishing. With this very rod, I caught a little bream.

Experience the slow and easy pace of a day on the lake in Upstate South Carolina.

Hike in the Woods

Being from Chicago, I don’t see woods very often. But they’re plentiful in Inman. I ventured deep into some farmland and through a patch of woods creepy and reminiscent of The Blair Witch Trial. The reward for my courage? A secret pond at sunset.

Oh, but be sure to watch out for Kudzu.

Walnut Grove Plantation

This historic plantation is a history lover’s delight. It’s the oldest still-standing plantation in South Carolina, and beautifully preserved and restored.

Forty-five minute tours are given daily, by knowledgeable guides. In addition to the main house, which is furnished with period pieces, there’s a school house, gardens, a grove of walnut trees, and a wheat house.

Important note: they allow small dogs on the tour! Turns out, Doggie loves history.

Visit Family

Well, if you’ve got them. This is my ninety-four year old grandmother and her boyfriend. We spent hours sitting on the dock talking about her time growing up near this very spot. She lived on a river then, which eventually became Lake Bowen. Across the way, you can still see the tree her grandfather planted when he was young. It’s the tallest, she says, (and in November, the reddest!) in the skyline.


And this is my brother’s cat, Socks. Just because.


Hang With Cows

My family is ‘well connected.’ They know people… people who have cows. These lovely animals ate out of our hands and posed for fun photos.

If you have the chance to visit a farm such as this, be sure to take a tractor ride as well.

The Open Space at Milliken

This textile company–founded in 1865–allows people to play on its beautiful open space, which includes a pond, a fountain, grassy hills and some wooded areas. Go, feed the ducks, fly a kite, have a picnic. Take photos.

I caught a rainbow.


Converse College

Converse is the coolest liberal, feminist women’s college in America. And, it has a world class music department. If you’re traveling with a young woman, take her there for inspiration. Tall statues of great women from history grace the yards.


You can tour the campus if it’s open, or just walk around the beautiful grounds. Be sure to peek into the music school to glimpse the grand piano and the gorgeous art and sculptures.

If you do visit Inman, leave a comment and let me know what you liked!

With Love,


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